Which Game Genres Are More Popular Among Teens?

A game is a well-defined, structured type of interactive play, usually undertaken as a form of entertainment or relaxation, and at times used as an educational tool as well. Like most games, the object of the game is to achieve a goal, although some games require the player to work to achieve the objective as well. Games are very different from work, which typically are undertaken for monetary remuneration, and from literature, which are primarily an expression of aesthetic or expressive elements. A game involves a certain degree of planning, skill, and imagination, unlike literature, which involves little or no planning on the part of the player. Games are therefore a significant part of the education process in the formal classroom.


Adults who play MMogs or other games are usually college-aged students. A notable exception would be young adults, who are more likely to be adult video game players. However, college students are not the only ones who can play games on the Internet. There are many young people, particularly teens, who would like to play these types of games because they provide a means of entertainment, escape, and even diversion from everyday chores. In fact, recent research has indicated that teenagers are particularly susceptible to playing computer games because their social relationships, academic activities, and even their day-to-day responsibilities can all be quickly distracted by an online game.

Other common types of games are card games, computer games, adventure games, racing games, puzzle games, sports games, trivia games, and word games. In most cases, card games are played with a deck of cards containing a variety of cards. The cards can be used to play against the players themselves, or against the computer. Computer games are usually set in virtual environments, and players control a character within the game to accomplish a mission. Sports games are played with a paddle, tennis players use rackets, golfers use clubs, baseball players swing golf clubs, basketball players shoot hoops, and so on.

Another type of game that is frequently played is the shooter. Shooters involve a player entering a virtual world and using a gun to kill other players or objects in the environment. Although there are many different types of shooters, many of them are remakes of classic games that involve shooting. A good example of a popular shooter is Counter-Strike, a version of a military warfare game. Other popular examples of this type of game include Need for Speed, Golden Eye, Halo, and others.

Often, lower-income teens and families earning a smaller income are attracted to certain game genres. For example, games involving vehicles are often chosen by middle-class families earning a lower income. Sports games are popular choices among higher-earning families. Shooting games are often chosen by lower-earning families. Based on previous research, families earning a larger income tend to play more high-end games such as racing games and first-person shooters. However, they also tend to choose lower-end games such as card games and casual games.

When it comes to games played during social events, it is clear that boys have a different preference. Compared to girls, whose preferences seem to be centered around cooking or dolls, the games that boys play tend to be more active and involve strategy. Boys tend to play action and adventure game genres more than they do role-playing games. In addition, they are also more likely to choose games that allow them to develop social skills such as team-based fighting.

Computer and Video Gaming


Computer and Video Gaming

A video game console, computer game, or online game is an interactive computer game which entails interaction with a user device or user interface via a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a motion sensing device to generate visible output on the screen. Video games differ from computer games in many ways such as their level of interactivity, graphics, use of specialized technology, and varying user expectations. Video games are usually developed for the gaming console of choice. Most video games can also be downloaded for free from a variety of websites. Internet based gaming is becoming more popular with each generation.

Console gaming involves a single hardware device such as a video gaming console, a gaming system, or an embedded entertainment system plugged into the personal computer. Consoles often include at least one game cartridge and one disk storage unit and usually have built-in DVD and CD players. Consoles are manufactured by a number of companies, including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Play-logic. Consoles differ in the number of game titles they support and the types of memory and hard drive space required. Game consoles, which come in two general types: home consoles and handheld consoles, utilize separate components to both play video games and handle other functions.

Computer games vary widely in terms of graphic quality, voice acting, storyline, user interface, graphics, user skills, and user preference. Computer games are normally programmed by corporations, which require considerable research and development time. The output from computer games is a digital file that can be stored in a user’s hard drive for a limited amount of time and then must be discarded. Most modern computers include built in flash memory that stores game code and enables the video gaming process. External hard drives are used to transfer game data between consoles and personal computers.

Online game playing has become increasingly popular with millions of people logging onto game servers to compete with each other. Video gaming involves interaction with actual persons or objects in an interactive virtual world. Some game servers also feature social interaction features that allow users to interact with other members of a similar server. Online video gaming is especially popular with younger people who spend a lot of their time on the internet.

Gaming devices such as personal computers, laptops, handheld game consoles, handheld video gaming systems, digital wireless game pads, gaming accessories like speakers and headphones, and video gaming accessories like screen and picture frame multipliers are among the most common electronic accessories used with computer games. These accessories may be sold separately. PC games are available through PC download sites. The major manufacturers of PC games are Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Play-logic.

Internet gaming is popular in countries where broadband Internet access is not readily available. The popularity of video games has led to the opening of online game portals where users can download free games and play for real money. Other forms of electronic entertainment such as movies, music, television, and sports are also found to have benefited from the growing interest in online gaming.