Different Areas of Study Related to Occupational Health

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “the condition of being fit and healthy.” Various definitions have been used over time for various purposes. In common usage, however, the word health has become much broader and now includes the prevention and treatment of many diseases and bodily disorders. It also includes the ability to lead a productive and happy life.


The field of public health has been greatly affected by developments in the sciences over the last century. Public health is concerned with the overall well being of the population as a whole. This is an area of study that encompasses a wide range of topics, such as nutrition, child health, infectious diseases, and reproductive health. It also monitors the health of individuals at the community level, looking at how diseases are affecting the local population and how to control and prevent them.

One branch of public health that has had a profound impact on the world of medicine is the psychology of health. Psychology studies both the physical and mental aspects of human beings. It examines causes, treatments, and prevention of disease in both industrialized and underdeveloped countries. Much of this research is done through epidemiological and experimental techniques.

Mental health services deal mainly with mood disorders and depression. Treatment may focus on improving the patient’s coping skills and reducing stress. They may also refer patients to other appropriate venues, such as the appropriate centers for mental health care, where they can receive psychological counseling as well as receiving treatment for their chronic diseases. Mental health services are a large part of public health services.

Prevention of physical disease is another major branch of psychology. There are many physical conditions that affect people on a day-to-day basis, such as cancer and heart disease. Serious psychological disorders can result in physical illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia. Public health experts have recognized the link between physical and mental health. This is why they often work closely with healthcare providers to create prevention programs and provide information on good health practices.

Occupational psychology is related to occupational health care, which deals with the working conditions of people who produce goods or services. Studies show that workers who are emotionally healthy are happier and perform better at their jobs. This includes individuals who perform physically demanding jobs, such as operating heavy equipment or industrial machinery. As more industries continue to turn to highly trained professionals, mental health professionals are sure to find a steady increase in employment opportunities.

Ripple (XRP) forecast for Q4 2020: Bearish short term, bullish long term

Ripple (XRP), co-founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb, was created in 2012. It started at the ministry level, but came to life in March 2017, when most Ripple broker platforms jumped from $ 0.0005. To 0.07, which doesn’t seem like much, but it was the first sign that this cryptocurrency had established itself and that it could survive. 2017 has been a year of significant growth for digital currencies, with Bitcoin rising very close to $ 20,000 in December, down from $ 1,000 at the beginning of the year, while Ripple rose from $ 0.20 to $ 3.30, more than 15 times means growth. in a few months. But the it then made a strong rebound, as shown in the XRP charts below, and has not been able to turn bullish again on the larger timeframe charts since then. Moving averages continue to limit this cryptocurrency, ending upward backs and lowering the price. As a result, the technical picture doesn’t seem too promising for Ripple, but the funds seem a little more interesting to buyers, so let’s take a broader look at the factors that could affect XRP / USD and predict its future direction altcoin.

Ripple Live Chart


The general consensus is that the cryptocurrency market started in 2009 with Bitcoin. But interest sparked after the big boom of 2017, at the height of the “cryptocurrency gold rush”. However, that wave faded after Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 as a result of rumors of social commerce, and crypts retreated lower. The XRP / USDit also caused great suddenness for a few weeks before he retired. While the difference compared to other cryptocurrencies is that while most major cryptocurrencies have now continued their bullish trend, albeit in a more normal way than we saw in late 2017, the Ripple continues to decline. Since 2018, the peaks have been lower all the time, and shoppers are constantly pushing for new lows. The 100 SMA holds a lid on this pair and puts pressure on customers, as explained in the technical analysis below. Recently raised $ 200 million funds have brought attention back to this altcoin, and Ripple’s adaptation in the transactions has been promising, meaning the funds aren’t as bad as the technical charts show, but they don’t help Ripple as much at all.

Wave forecast: fourth quarter of 2020 Ripple forecast: 1 year Wavy forecast: 3 years
Price: $ 78-80 

Price controls: Covid-19, sense of risk, RBI prices


Price: $ 78-80 

Price controls: Covid-19, sense of risk, RBI prices


Price: $ 88-90

Price controls: Price controls: Inflation, Economic recovery, Market development, RBI actions, Inflation

Wave price forecast for the next five years

Digital currencies are affected by a number of factors that can be divided into four categories; 1. The basics of each digital currency 2. Specifications 3. The mood of the cryptocurrency market as a whole and 4. The performance of the USD, which is becoming increasingly important, especially this year. Ripple held a successful fundraising event in late 2019 that reversed this cryptocurrency bullish for several months, but then the broader crypto market sentiment caught up in March as the coronavirus erupted and the USD joined the party, helping the XRP / USD triple. While the technical picture doesn’t seem too promising for Ripple, the basics look brighter in the long run, as the latest news has shown.

The latest developments from Ripple

Ripple Labs is the parent company of Ripple, which launched in 2012 as OpenCoin. As of August 2020, Ripple is the fourth largest altcoin in terms of market capitalization. It provides a medium for financial institutions to transfer value globally between different fiat currencies. It is basically the bridge currency behind Ripple’s liquidity and xRapid exchange product. XRP Ledger is the DLT that provides verifiable XRP accounts and is open to everyone. So one of the advantages of Ripple is that it is very adaptable to the general public as it is both a digital currency and a payment network.

The Peer-to-Peer project is overdue                                                     

Speaking of the adaptive currency, in 2019, financial institutions such as UBS Group AG, Barclays Plc, Credit Suisse and Banco de Santander tried to create a company. The institutions funded the £ 50 million project. The idea was to offer a peer-to-peer solution for tokenized currencies. The company, called Fnality, aims to offer banks the solution they need, namely the Utility Settlement Coin . But the attempt has now been delayed as they await approval from the authority. Rhomaios Ram, CEO of Fnality International, says the earliest response time from regulators will be in the first half of 2021, which is almost a year, and it’s not even the last step.

$ 20 million was raised

Ripple had a good year in 2019. In fact, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse called it “the strongest year of growth to date”. The RippleNet payment network expanded to more than 300 customers in 2019 and also partnered with MoneyGram. Ripple initially made an investment of $ 30 million, later buying $ 20 million in shares of MoneyGram for $ 4.10, one-third of the market price. This represents a 10% stake in MoneyGram. The money transfer company, on the other hand, agreed to use Ripple’s products for cross-border settlements.

It was a nice move for the Ripple executive, but that’s not all. Ripple raised $ 200 million in funds in late 2019, with Japan’s SBI Holdings and Route 66 Ventures VC participating in the Series-C funding round led by alternative asset investment company Tetragon. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said: “We are in a strong financial position to deliver on our vision. As the growth of others in blockchain space slowed or even stopped, in 2019 we accelerated our momentum and our industry leaders. “In fact, 2019 was basically a good year for Ripple, and the mood improved for this altcoin, despite the delay in the Utility Settlement Coin project.

Market commentary


  • The Currency Exchange Office (OCC) has appointed Brian Brooks as Acting Auditor. Brooks plans to introduce a new pay charter in hopes of creating a single federal framework for offering tech companies the services traditionally offered by banks. The OCC also issued an advanced notice on the proposed rulemaking, requesting comments on, among other things, the acceptance of cryptographic activities by U.S. banks.
  • J. Christopher Giancarlo, former CFTC president, has published an article explaining why XRP should not be considered safe under U.S. law and court precedent. He is also leading the Digital Dollar project, which has published a White Paper on a proposal for a joint public-private initiative by the US Federal Reserve to create a digital currency (CBDC).
  • The Office of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) has published its final transfer rule, which includes how digital devices, especially XRP through ODL, can significantly reduce the cost of cross-border transfers.
  • The Indian Ministry of Finance has proposed a legal ban on cryptocurrencies and the imposition of severe penalties on citizens who use cryptocurrencies. This follows that the Reserve Bank of India has previously issued a clarification statement that Indian commercial banks can provide banking services to traders and firms trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • The South African Intergovernmental Finance Task Force (IFWG) has issued a resolution proposing a strict cryptographic framework for the region.
  • SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has been appointed to another five-year term at the securities agency. Caroline Crenshaw has also been appointed to fill the Commission’s democratic vacancy. Their confirmatory hearing is scheduled for July 2020.
  • The EU intends to create a new regulatory framework for digital assets, which will extend unregulated assets to the stock.


  • Mac Investor Paul Tudor Jones bought Bitcoin as hedge against inflation and said his fund could hold a low single-digit percentage of its assets in Bitcoin futures.
  • JPMorgan offered a bank account for cryptocurrency exchanges starting with Gemini and Coinbase.
  • 36% of the nearly 800 institutional respondents to the Fidelity survey said they have digital devices or derivatives.
  • The New York Department of Financial Services has given BitLicense to Eris X.
  • Users withdrew more than $ 220 million from the stock exchanges at BTC before and after the May halving.


  • China has completed the background architecture development of its digital yuan. The rapid development of the digital yuan revolves around the potential severe influence and leadership in the Chinese payment industry.
  • The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced a pilot program to test its new digital yuan with 19 local businesses, including American chains Starbucks, Subway and McDonald’s.
  • PayPal and Venmo plan to add cryptographic sales to their platforms.
  • Brazil suspended the WhatsApp payment service just a week after its first launch.
  • Visa has signed a partnership agreement with Safaricom’s M-Pesa.
  • Binance has launched a cryptographic payment application in Nigeria.
  • Revolut has announced that it will make the cryptocurrency available to all seven million customers.
Source: Ripple.com

Covid-19 atmosphere and relationship with Bitcoin and Crypto Market

The coronavirus has also affected the digital currency market. The outbreak of the virus in Europe and the United States was not very well received by this market, and we saw a major collapse from mid-February to mid-March. This shows that digital currencies will not hold back pressure in times of crisis, as hoped. The Ripple also collapsed, with the XRP / USD falling from $ 0.35 to $ 0.11, losing two-thirds of its value.

 The value of Bitcoin has risen since February, before the fall

This was in line with the wider crypto market, but the recovery has not been exactly in line with the market since. While the value of Ethereum more than quintupled from its March low and Bitcoin nearly quadrupled to $ 12,500 , XRP / USD has not yet offset the collapse losses and has risen less than threefold. This means that there is some discrepancy between Ripple and the rest of the cryptocurrency market, including Bitocin. Basically, Ripple lags behind in bullish times and will likely be among the first to turn bearish when the bullish momentum runs out, which is already happening.

Ripple-USD correlation

Prior to 2017, the chart for Ripple and most cryptocurrencies was a straight line, so there is no point in looking at the history of XRP / USD before 2017. Compared to the DXY USD index, we can see that there was a sharp decline for the latter in 2017, which accelerated from May to August. This lasted until the end of the year. From May to July, we saw a strong increase in the XRP / USD, which was correlated with a decrease in DXY, but then the growth stopped, which means that the correlation was lost. December 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 were extraordinary for the crypto market as a whole, with most digital currencies turning higher and then lower, so we can’t talk about correlation. But from the second quarter of 2018 to early 2020, Ripple continues to decline, while DXY shows a steady upward trend, again showing a correlation. This year, the correlation continued to rise, with the USD jumping during the initial panic in February and March, then turning lower and remaining barren until the end of August. The XRP / USD underwent a significant decline in February and early March, as already explained, but rose until the end of August and has since retreated lower. So the correlation between Ripple and the USD has increased, which means we need to compare both instruments when trading Ripple, but we still need to see if the correlation persists after the coronavirus. and has since retreated lower. So the correlation between Ripple and the USD has increased, which means we need to compare both instruments when trading Ripple, but we still need to see if the correlation persists after the coronavirus. and has since retreated lower. So the correlation between Ripple and the USD has increased, which means we need to compare both instruments when trading Ripple, but we still need to see if the correlation persists after the coronavirus.

SMAs keep the bear trend alive

Because the crypto market doesn’t exist for too long, larger timeframe charts, such as monthly charts, don’t help much in the analysis. The only thing I see there is that 20 SMAs (gray) have been driving the price of XRP / USD since November 2018, when it rose above that level. He has punched this level now and again, for example in the last two months, but the price now seems to have turned back below it, leaving the picture barren. With the 20 SMA acting as a resistor, the diagram setting seems bearish. The XRP / USD developed a doji candlestick in August as a bearish direction signal after the July ascent, and this candlestick has so far been followed by a bearish candlestick in September, confirming the bearish reversal pattern.

The 200 SMA keeps the trend in the weekly time frame

On the weekly graph, the same moving average functioned as some form of support during 2017, before the “gold rush” of December 2018. For a time in February 2018, after the big turnaround, it again provided support, and for two weeks it again works as support with 50 SMA (yellow). The 50 SMA has resisted a few times, but is also currently operating as a grant. However, the final resistance since December 2018 has been 100 SMA (green). It became resistance immediately within the month after it was broken from above, and then the strong setback stopped in May last year, deterred shoppers in February 2020, and has provoked resistance again since July. So 100 SMA keeps XRP / USD, and the trend here continues to decline, unlike most other cryptocurrencies. But times are not normal now and the other 2 MA are from below,

Selecting the Right Sports Medicine Provider for Your Child


Selecting the Right Sports Medicine Provider for Your Child

Sports are known to be one of the most popular hobbies and past times of people all over the world. It may even be difficult for some to define exactly what sports means. However, it can easily be summed up as playing an organized game with physical contact or competing in organized competitions. Sports are usually played between individuals. There are also sports that require team sports where several people from the same side compete against each other. A sport can also be described as any physical activity that entails a level of physical exertion, like football or netball.

Some sports are known to be a mixture of both team sports and physical activity. For instance, many athletes consider track and field to be their favorite sports. Some sports are so popular that they have professional governing bodies, like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Hockey League (NHL). Some sports are so popular that there are entire schools that are made up of students that pursue a particular sport.

In today’s modern society, many children are being encouraged and even forced to play sports. Many of the sports that kids participate in are not very well regulated because it is not widely known how to play the sports properly. Many children will get injured because they do not know how to properly protect themselves from injury, and most children are not taught about the dangers of repetitive motion injuries such as sprains and broken bones. This results in large bills for medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

As parents and children become more interested in sports, and more coaches are made available to teach kids how to play, the need for sports medicine healthcare providers is on the rise. Some areas have actually signed contracts with a number of sports medicine healthcare providers, but it is still important for parents and their kids to research the local college of doctors. Because sports medicine healthcare providers treat both acute and chronic injuries that can occur during a sports activity, it is important that you have a doctor that specializes in sports medicine. If a doctor is only an assistant sports medicine healthcare provider, they may not have a wide enough breadth of knowledge to treat all sports related injuries accurately.

If a parent chooses to locate their doctor locally, you should make an appointment to visit the office so that you can talk to the sports medicine healthcare provider about your child’s particular condition. It is important to be as honest and forthcoming with the doctor as you can because your doctor will need to know the exact type and severity of the injury that your child has prior to treating them. Make sure you discuss the activities that your child is involved in so that your sports medicine specialist is aware of any risk factors. Additionally, ask the doctor about any training, qualifications, and experience that they have in treating your child for an acute injury or condition. For example, if your child participates in contact sports, you will want the doctor to have extensive knowledge about the specific injury they will treat.

Many sports medicine healthcare providers will also offer consultation services to other parents and family members on a pay-for-service basis. This can be a good option if you are unsure of the best course of treatment for your child. Generally, pay-for-service visits are more expensive because you will generally receive one-on-one time with the sports medicine professional to discuss the specifics of your child’s case. Keep in mind that a sports medicine professional does not make treatment decisions; rather, their role is to provide information and direction.

Which Game Genres Are More Popular Among Teens?

A game is a well-defined, structured type of interactive play, usually undertaken as a form of entertainment or relaxation, and at times used as an educational tool as well. Like most games, the object of the game is to achieve a goal, although some games require the player to work to achieve the objective as well. Games are very different from work, which typically are undertaken for monetary remuneration, and from literature, which are primarily an expression of aesthetic or expressive elements. A game involves a certain degree of planning, skill, and imagination, unlike literature, which involves little or no planning on the part of the player. Games are therefore a significant part of the education process in the formal classroom.


Adults who play MMogs or other games are usually college-aged students. A notable exception would be young adults, who are more likely to be adult video game players. However, college students are not the only ones who can play games on the Internet. There are many young people, particularly teens, who would like to play these types of games because they provide a means of entertainment, escape, and even diversion from everyday chores. In fact, recent research has indicated that teenagers are particularly susceptible to playing computer games because their social relationships, academic activities, and even their day-to-day responsibilities can all be quickly distracted by an online game.

Other common types of games are card games, computer games, adventure games, racing games, puzzle games, sports games, trivia games, and word games. In most cases, card games are played with a deck of cards containing a variety of cards. The cards can be used to play against the players themselves, or against the computer. Computer games are usually set in virtual environments, and players control a character within the game to accomplish a mission. Sports games are played with a paddle, tennis players use rackets, golfers use clubs, baseball players swing golf clubs, basketball players shoot hoops, and so on.

Another type of game that is frequently played is the shooter. Shooters involve a player entering a virtual world and using a gun to kill other players or objects in the environment. Although there are many different types of shooters, many of them are remakes of classic games that involve shooting. A good example of a popular shooter is Counter-Strike, a version of a military warfare game. Other popular examples of this type of game include Need for Speed, Golden Eye, Halo, and others.

Often, lower-income teens and families earning a smaller income are attracted to certain game genres. For example, games involving vehicles are often chosen by middle-class families earning a lower income. Sports games are popular choices among higher-earning families. Shooting games are often chosen by lower-earning families. Based on previous research, families earning a larger income tend to play more high-end games such as racing games and first-person shooters. However, they also tend to choose lower-end games such as card games and casual games.

When it comes to games played during social events, it is clear that boys have a different preference. Compared to girls, whose preferences seem to be centered around cooking or dolls, the games that boys play tend to be more active and involve strategy. Boys tend to play action and adventure game genres more than they do role-playing games. In addition, they are also more likely to choose games that allow them to develop social skills such as team-based fighting.

Computer and Video Gaming


Computer and Video Gaming

A video game console, computer game, or online game is an interactive computer game which entails interaction with a user device or user interface via a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a motion sensing device to generate visible output on the screen. Video games differ from computer games in many ways such as their level of interactivity, graphics, use of specialized technology, and varying user expectations. Video games are usually developed for the gaming console of choice. Most video games can also be downloaded for free from a variety of websites. Internet based gaming is becoming more popular with each generation.

Console gaming involves a single hardware device such as a video gaming console, a gaming system, or an embedded entertainment system plugged into the personal computer. Consoles often include at least one game cartridge and one disk storage unit and usually have built-in DVD and CD players. Consoles are manufactured by a number of companies, including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Play-logic. Consoles differ in the number of game titles they support and the types of memory and hard drive space required. Game consoles, which come in two general types: home consoles and handheld consoles, utilize separate components to both play video games and handle other functions.

Computer games vary widely in terms of graphic quality, voice acting, storyline, user interface, graphics, user skills, and user preference. Computer games are normally programmed by corporations, which require considerable research and development time. The output from computer games is a digital file that can be stored in a user’s hard drive for a limited amount of time and then must be discarded. Most modern computers include built in flash memory that stores game code and enables the video gaming process. External hard drives are used to transfer game data between consoles and personal computers.

Online game playing has become increasingly popular with millions of people logging onto game servers to compete with each other. Video gaming involves interaction with actual persons or objects in an interactive virtual world. Some game servers also feature social interaction features that allow users to interact with other members of a similar server. Online video gaming is especially popular with younger people who spend a lot of their time on the internet.

Gaming devices such as personal computers, laptops, handheld game consoles, handheld video gaming systems, digital wireless game pads, gaming accessories like speakers and headphones, and video gaming accessories like screen and picture frame multipliers are among the most common electronic accessories used with computer games. These accessories may be sold separately. PC games are available through PC download sites. The major manufacturers of PC games are Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Play-logic.

Internet gaming is popular in countries where broadband Internet access is not readily available. The popularity of video games has led to the opening of online game portals where users can download free games and play for real money. Other forms of electronic entertainment such as movies, music, television, and sports are also found to have benefited from the growing interest in online gaming.

The Definition of Health

The definition of “health” has changed throughout the years. Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a state of full physical, emotional and social well being and not just the absence of sickness and disease. Various other definitions have also been applied to health in various contexts.


In most developed countries, the concept of well-being is closely associated with medical care. It refers to the well being of the human mind and body that can be achieved through appropriate food intake, a healthy environment, social support, physical activities and other forms of activity that enhance the health of an individual. It is considered a human right because it contributes significantly to economic well being. In fact, some say that having a healthy economy is a major component of living a decent life.

Well-being is a complex concept that goes beyond the absence or presence of physical illness or disability. It implies the quality of life that people attain even when they are physically healthy and combating diseases and aging processes as they occur. For example, a healthy body that is devoid of pain or discomfort can be considered healthy and can contribute to personal well-being. Likewise, a society that eliminates death and illness from its culture can also contribute to this state.

The absence of a specific disease is not enough to establish the presence of a condition. In fact, one of the first steps to maintaining a healthy body and a society that is free from illnesses and disease is prevention. This prevention takes many forms. One of the three major keys to preventing diseases and illnesses is through education, the second is through public awareness, and the last is through risk factors that increase the likelihood of acquiring the disease or illness.

Prevention also entails taking high levels of medication in order to counter the diseases and illnesses that you already have. There is a growing concern that there are too many people with high levels of stress, depression, and anxiety, and low self-esteem who do not take adequate care of themselves. The promotion of healthful diets that decrease the risk of these illnesses and create a healthier, happier population may help to reduce health disparities.

As noted, prevention is easier than the cure, especially for diseases and illnesses that are chronic. The lack of a cure also creates an increased risk of the condition from occurring again. This means that the goal of a healthy lifestyle should be a state of relative healthfulness that exists without any occurrence of symptoms. By creating a healthy environment, individuals and families can better manage their mental health and their physical environment.

Sports Injuries in Middle Schools and High Schools – Increase of Sports Injuries


Sports Injuries in Middle Schools and High Schools – Increase of Sports Injuries

Sports are very common in the world. Everyone loves to watch different types of sports and enjoy participating in them. Sports are divided into two major categories, namely contact sports and non-contact sports. Both of these categories can be as intense as any hardcore game. In order to enjoy these sports well, you need to keep in mind certain factors.

First and foremost, sports involve physical activity. Therefore, it is important for the player to be healthy and fit. Most sports are characterized by some physical activity, which is both risky and exciting. Some examples of such sports are basketball and netball.

Pediatric News has published several articles describing sports injuries in children. According to pediatric news, contact sports, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, swimming, track and field, and softball are most common injuries in children. In addition, basketball and football to lead the way in terms of total sports injuries.

Furthermore, sports injuries can be caused by heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Sports are generally considered an activity done under normal conditions, which means that heat exhaustion or heat stroke cannot be considered a serious problem, as long as the player is careful. Heat exhaustion is more common in athletes than in the general population. However, pediatric news emphasizes that heat stroke can be a deadly situation if not attended to quickly.

As for physical activity, most sports require a lot of running, jumping, lifting weights, and sprinting. As such, players in sports spend a lot of their time in the gym, as well as doing physical activities outside the playing field. Therefore, children in middle schools and high schools are more likely to engage in physical activity, as opposed to children from other levels of education. In addition, sports injuries are also more common in sports, which are generally considered “contact sport” such as boxing and soccer.

Pediatric news also reports that youth participation in extreme sports has been on the rise, particularly with the popularity of “speed-rocketing” – activities that involve high speeds and physical exertion. This trend has been supported by increased television coverage of these sports. In addition, many youths are inspired by stars such as Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s speed racer, to pursue a career in racing. Thus, while many youths engaged in sports for fun, some children are also trying to improve their athletic skills to excel in sports that require more skill, such as football. So, it’s probably best for parents to monitor the sports activities of their children and to encourage them to take part in sporting activities as much as possible.

Forex Swing Trading Strategies

What is swing trading?

When it comes to forex swing trading strategies, there are certainly a lot of different trading strategies that can lead to success. However, swing trading has one big advantage: you don’t need to keep track of the cards day in and day out.

Don’t get me wrong, every successful dealer is somehow addicted to cards and will monitor them anyway, even in his spare time. However, swing trading requires only a few trades per month, which is why forex swing trading is still one of the easiest (or say stress-free) methods for posting substantial profits. Swing trading basically describes the activity between daily trading and investing. As a day trader, you open and close multiple positions daily and hold them for no longer than 24 hours. This can be nervous and seriously affect your sleep cycles. In contrast, the investor does not care too much about price fluctuations and plans to keep the investment for many months, several years or even decades.

A forex swing trader usually holds a long or short position for more than one trading session, but usually no longer than a few weeks or a few months. Strategies that involve forex swing trading also differ significantly from strategies that are successfully applied in day trading. Therefore, I will introduce you to one specific strategy that has proven to be very reliable when it comes to successful forex trading with swing trading.

Can I be successful with swing trading?


As long as you have patience and confidence, you will build perseverance that ultimately leads to success. However, the success is not final. Success is a by-product of continuous self-improvement, seeking knowledge and applying proven methods while removing fear and self-doubt.

In fact, the success of a trader largely depends on his attitude. If he finds a very reliable pattern, which is, say, profitable nine out of ten times, and opens positions based on his expectations, he will most likely change his strategy after failing twice in a row. It is problematic to constantly change strategies prone to failure. The trader has to stick to a certain route, once he finds evidence that it works.

What is the best swing trading strategy?

Although the “best strategy” is most likely not made public, I can still introduce you to a very reliable strategy that has proven to be a very profitable way of successful swing trading. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it right away.

EMA transition strategy

The EMA crossing strategy includes 50-EMA and 200-EMA. To make it very simple, we can look at the example below.

On the chart you can see EUR to USD on the daily chart, a typical trading pair for forex traders. The black line is 200-EMA and the orange is 50-EMA. The strategy is very simple and says: Whenever a 50-EMA exceeds a 200-EMA in such a way that a 50-EMA exceeds and exceeds a 200-EMA, we are talking about a golden cross, which is considered very bullish.

Conversely, whenever the 200-EMA exceeds the 50-EMA in such a way that the 200-EMA exceeds and exceeds the 50-EMA, we are talking about the death cross, which is considered very bearish.

As you can see in the table above, the two EMAs have crossed multiple times over a period of almost five years. In fact, the two EMAs crossed seven times during that time frame.

How does this help me in swing trading?

Assuming you always open a long position when a bull crossover happened and you don’t sell before the death cross appears, you could never sell the top or buy the bottom. But let’s be honest, who is capable of that at all? What we should focus on is consistent profits with very well managed risk. While you will undoubtedly miss out on some gains by applying this specific strategy, you would still be very profitable. To see how, we can look at the example below.

Here you can see the same chart as before, but with added percentage gains between buy and sell signals. You would actually make a profit of 33 percent (or 38.5 percent) if you applied this specific strategy. After your first and initial investment, you would record a 20.51 percent profit when the first sell signal appears.

You would then buy and sell at almost the same price, which means you would lose fees in the worst case. Then, after the next buy signal appears, you would make a 3.20 percent profit when the next sell signal is indicated. Assuming you not only sell but also reduce the same amount, you would make a profit of 8.77 percent the moment the next buy signal appears on the chart. From then until today, you would have a profit of 5.45 percent, but assuming you sell only when the cross of death arrives, that profit would not have been posted yet.

Given that the currency pair gained only about 35 percent from the very bottom to the very top of this time frame, this strategy has been proven to work very well.


There are many more forex trading strategies, especially when it comes to swing trading. However, the EMA crossover strategy is very useful and can be applied over longer time frames, resulting in a lower frequency of trading activities. This makes it superior to others, as it is not only very reliable and profitable but also very easy to use. Just a few shops a month is enough. If you want to increase your trading frequency, you can apply the same strategy to the H4 chart and count how often it has been successful in past market behavior.

The EMA crossover swing trading strategy is an advanced forex strategy, so you should learn the basics, such as supports and resistances, first.

Why Do Gamers Like Role-Playing Games So Much?


Why Do Gamers Like Role-Playing Games So Much?

There are many different types of games, each with its own purpose and function. For children’s games are a good way to pass the time, exercise and socialize. At the same time they provide entertainment and stimulation. Games help us improve our mental and physical strength. They give us an opportunity to think critically and become better learners.

A game is generally a structured form of active play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are very different from work, which is usually carried out for monetary remuneration, and also from fine arts, which are more typically an expression of philosophical or aesthetic elements. In both cases, the primary objective is to achieve the development of certain skills, although the skills that are achieved may be very different in nature.

For young children a game can be very different from a puzzle, with the main difference being that a puzzle has a logical sequence of steps to be followed. A video game needs a different set of requirements, because it does not have a series of steps leading up to a goal, or a goal itself. For young children who are unaccustomed to planning their activities it can feel like a maze through which they must travel, making it difficult to know where they are going and how to get there. This can make games very frustrating, particularly when a player gets stuck, finds difficulty in finding the exit, or is repeatedly stopped by obstacles on their journey.

In contrast, video games require more sophisticated methods of navigation because they are not structured. Navigation requires the recognition of familiar images, sounds, smells and tastes. Newer generations of gamers are well integrated with computers and technology, so familiarity with these tools is not as important. But even for those who are not technologically savvy, many new level games involve a means of navigating familiar environments that most people immediately recognize. This provides an opportunity for communication between the player and the character they are controlling, as they work to overcome each challenge.

In contrast, video games require players to enact non-linear functions. Linearity refers to a design that has a definite beginning, middle, and end. Non-linearity on the other hand refers to a game’s ability to vary its storyline, pace, and difficulty in a way that is dependent upon the players actions. Games that feature a more complex plot are often non-linear, while games focused on more simple plot-driven plots are linear. Most role-playing video games fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

The fact that many consumers feel that traditional gaming systems are too old to be entertaining continues to fuel interest in video games. New technologies are continuously being developed for current consoles, creating new opportunities for gamers. One reason why new levels of interactivity are appealing is because they offer players the opportunity to use popular multiplayer online board games sports gaming to communicate with other players who are not in the same room as they are. While traditional console gaming requires players to sit down and play with each other in front of their televisions, online board games sports allows individuals to instantly communicate with others even when they are not able to see each other. This added interaction is what is driving the interest in video games like never before.

An Introduction to Video Gaming Basics


An Introduction to Video Gaming Basics

Computer and gaming are related, yet often they are also different things. A computer game is actually an interactive computer program or video game that entails interaction with a user interface (such as a mouse, joystick, keyboard, touch screen, or other input device) or physical output device. The output from the computer game is usually a digital signal sent to a personal computer or to a game console to be played. A typical computer game will include text commands, images, sounds, graphics, music, and computer code to be run by the user.

Playing computer games is generally considered a leisure activity. Many people play computer games because they enjoy a form of diversion from a hectic lifestyle. Playing computer games helps users to relax and to escape the rigors of everyday life. They can also help users improve their eye and hand coordination as well as develop their mental skills.

Computer games can range from simple word and mathematical puzzles to complex 3-D games. Basic computer video gaming systems are referred to as “basic” video gaming. Advanced video gaming systems are available with many different components. These components include graphics processing units (“GPUs”), texturing units (” Texas outs”), sound units (“stations”) and video display systems (“anti-aliasing”). These components in a video gaming system can produce images, sound, and text on the screen.

Computer video gaming is usually controlled through a keyboard and a mouse. Most keyboards have a facility that allows the use of a mouse for additional precision. The majority of video game consoles are connected to a personal computer via a USB port. This connection may allow the player to play the game sitting comfortably in one position while the console is functioning. The player can then sit back and relax, watching the action on the monitor. Many people who play computer video games spend much of their leisure time in front of a TV or other monitor.

For some, computer video gaming may include the use of a hand-held device like a handheld game console. These devices allow the player to play video games using only the stylus. Other video gaming devices are designed for use with a keyboard and a mouse. These devices are called “plug and play” gaming devices.

Computer video gaming has expanded beyond the traditional confines of the home. Today there is no shortage of places where one can play video gaming. Some of the most popular computer games on the market today are titles such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Half Life, and Halo. If you love to play video gaming, it’s probably not a bad idea to get your hands on your own gaming system.