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Macky 2 Takes Shots At Tiye P

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Macky 2 Takes Shots At Tiye P
By Given - October 7, 2018 03

Last Evening, Instagram was felt with drama when HipHop artiste Tiye P posted a post in which he praised Kasama swag rapper Muzo Aka Alphonso for the great work Muzo had put in his new EP.
However, Tiye P did not just praise Muzo’s effort but also took indirect shots at Macky 2 on his Instagram post. Tiye P seemed to have not been comfortable with Macky 2’s album which was awarded as the Album of the year at the Kwacha Music Awards.
As Tiye P posted “ Muzo’s interlude EP ‘Massacre’ is fire it’s way better than the over hyped so called HipHop albums by your favorite kalindula/Rhumba rappers mistaken for HipHop artists. ” This was an indirect shot taken at Macky 2 but nevertheless Macky 2 did not hesitate to clap back at Tiye P.
Macky 2 laid his comment as he said “…. The biggest problem I have with some of u new rappers is u feel u are underrated and everyone else who is making it big is overrated. U feel people don’t understand u.. when u yourself haven’t taken time to understand the people. Ur hearts are full of hate and bitterness.. I can clearly see the envy behind the fake smiles but I still wish u success. I always try to lead and guided where I can.. coz I believe in passing the torch. I believe the next generation of rappers should be better than us. “If the student is not eventually better than the master, then the master has failed”.. the industry should grow and improve, but that can only happen when you humble yourself


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