A Complete Guide to Video Gaming

Games are defined by Wikipedia as “a game in which objects are goal oriented and the player controls the outcome of these goals”. A game is generally a structured form of interactive play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as an educational device. Games are very different from work, which are generally carried out to remuneration, and from the literature, which are generally an expression of artistic or philosophical views. Games enrich our experience of the world around us, by allowing us to use our cognitive powers, both sight and hearing, to solve problems and to learn. In educational contexts, games are an important part of cognitive development, helping young children build on their basic skills and become more aware of how the world around them works.


Computer games, also known as computer games, online games, flash games or web games, have grown in popularity in recent years. Although computer games were largely considered a frivolous recreational activity, this trend has changed in recent years, with increased academic attention to games from a variety of disciplines. In particular, games with story elements and action have gained increased attention as a way of teaching people skills such as problem solving, teamwork, resource management, decision making and the ability to communicate. This article will provide an introduction to five popular computer games that can be found on many websites today, as well as a brief description of their basic gaming mechanics.

Computer and console gaming devices are almost as inseparable as Nintendo and Sony. Consoles like the X Box and Nintendo Wii each allow players to connect to an active multiplayer gaming community, where they can compete with others and develop personal gaming profiles. Console games like Guitar Hero, Pong and other platform games are designed to encourage users to interact within a virtual environment, whilst providing innovative challenges and opportunities to develop their skills. Computer and mobile games that utilize simple puzzle, logic and memory-based gameplay, or multi-player game mechanics, tend to involve interaction within a single user interface space, and are therefore easier to teach and play.

Computer and console game players can also engage in “Simulated Experiences” (SEO) that recreate real-world situations and environments. Examples of this would be role playing games, racing games, cooking games and card games. The mechanics of these experiences change based on the topic of the game, however. For example, role playing games give the player the option of exploring a virtual environment that is heavily populated by other players. Racing games give the player the option of choosing a vehicle to drive around in, while cooking games offer the option to cook a variety of food items. Card games give the player a chance to build a deck of cards, choosing from a variety of randomly selected cards, and then playing a hands off strategic game of chance.

Most Computer and mobile game players are also very familiar with the turn-based strategy genre, which has evolved over the past twenty years to include popular examples like Castle Crasher and Backgammon. Tower defense games give the player the option of defending their castle from waves of attacking enemies by building towers and walls that increase in strength as they are destroyed. In many cases, players must defend their base until they have enough resources to continue on with their mission.

Of all the different game genres, most people are familiar with video gaming consoles, such as Xbox, Play station, Nintendo Wii, PSP, etc. Video gaming is one of the most lucrative gaming industry today, due in part to the success of games like Call of Duty, Halo and Sunset over the last several years. However, mobile gaming has been on the rise as well, due to the portability of devices such as the PSP, which allows you to play at home while on the go. There are hundreds of different types of mobile games to choose from, and this list will keep on growing as new devices come out. Mobile gaming is only going to continue to expand, making it more fun and addictive.