Fictional Sports Stars

A sports movie is a fictional film genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s a fictional production where a sports event, sport, team, player, or fan of sport are heavily involved, and that rely on sports to an extent for their story inspiration or resolution. You will find an almost unlimited number of such movies. These include not just major sports like ice hockey, football, basketball, rugby, and baseball, but also obscure ones like beach volleyball, high school football, college baseball, wrestling, boxing, karate, motor bike racing, cheerleading, and more. The audience of such movies are mostly fans of the sport itself.


Darts is another popular sport with several movies made on this theme. It’s based on the darts game played in the British public schools. There have been several successful tournaments on this ground. Most of them are based on the competition between different school clubs to get to the championship. Every year, several new games are developed to spice up this sport.

Another version of sports films is about a sports tournament. It’s about a local sports tournament which ends in one team winning the trophy. It might be an amateur or professional sports competition, but it’s always a nice touch when it comes to using sports names for the characters in the movies. People who enjoy watching this kind of movies would enjoy this one most.

If you want to have a fictional character whose real name is not known to anyone, you can go for the best known fictitious sports names. You can have Michael Jordan does the speaking and takes the field, wearing the number 8 jersey, to represent the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s the reason why you see so many “8-mortar” people associated with this sports club. The Cleveland Cavs even uses their colors for their uniforms, while they play in Toronto.

There are also fictional sports stars, which are created from the actual people who were once popular sports personalities. A good example of this is the basketball star Dennis Rodman. Even his real name is unknown to most of us, but we know him as Dewayne Rodman. We know him by his sport’s nickname “The Big Ticket.”

The best part about fictional sports stars is that they make a great role model for our youth. It’s amazing how many kids idolize sports stars like they do their own heroes. Our youth tend to mimic stars like they see on TV. That’s why it’s important for kids to watch sports and follow them as they grow up. When they see their heroes in action, they see role models to aspire to be.