Managing Stress and Creating a Positive Life Style


Managing Stress and Creating a Positive Life Style

Health is a condition where physical, emotional and mental well-being are completely intact. The word “health” actually comes from the Greek word “hippos” which means happiness and well-being. Different definitions have been applied to the term over the years. For the most part it refers to the ability to live a healthy life, but in today’s modern society it also covers an entire attitude or outlook. People want to be fit, happy and healthy.

There are many health conditions that we may not be aware of or even notice on a day-to-day basis. These may include high blood pressure, allergies, constipation, depression, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, urinary tract infection, liver disease, cancer, stress and tension, fatigue, pregnancy, obesity and insomnia. Mental health has to do with one’s attitude towards life, self-esteem, mood, anxiety, stress levels, sleep, coping methods, and cognitive abilities. Mental diseases include bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, mania, and schizophrenia.

Having a positive attitude towards life as well as proper physical health and wellness will go a long way in ensuring an overall well-being and a healthy body, mind and spirit. It will help to manage stress and cope with major events in life. Positive thinking and attitude can also lead to a reduction in the severity of many mental illnesses and diseases.

In developed countries, a healthy diet and a regular exercise program to keep people physically fit and emotionally in good shape. However, these programs are not always evident in the developing countries where poor nutrition and lack of exercise are major causes of sickness and disability. The developed world tends to rely on sugary and fatty foods. This is not necessarily healthy and can lead to the development of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Conversely, a healthy diet and regular exercise are beneficial in preventing and reducing the development of many mental illnesses and diseases as well. A well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products, lean meats, and fish or poultry is beneficial for promoting mental health.

Healthy eating habits and a regular physical activity can have a strong impact on one’s health, well being, and personal growth. The combination of a healthy diet and physical activity lowers stress and builds self confidence. Studies have shown that an inactive body is more prone to developing many kinds of mental disorders including depression, panic attacks, and schizophrenia. A healthy and active body has been linked to improved brain function, higher IQ, reduced risks for developing heart disease, and lower instances of obesity and osteoporosis. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, a healthy diet and regular exercise program help to maintain a healthy mind as well.

The effects of stress on the body and mind are enormous and serve to play a large role in one’s personal health and well being. An unhealthy mind and body can lead to a number of serious health complications including emotional, physical, and mental health disorders and conditions. Developing a healthy routine of mental, physical, and emotional wellness will promote mental, physical, and emotional well being for the individual.