Top 5 Massively Multiplayer Online Games

There are many different types of games. A game is generally a structured form of interactive play, usually undertaken mainly for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as an instructional tool. Games are very different from work, which traditionally are performed for remuneration, and from literature, which are primarily an expression of historical or aesthetic impressions. In most cases games are played by groups of people, but some games are solitary activities carried out by an individual. Games can be constructed around a central theme, or the gamer can choose to create a game from the start.


The first type of game, adventure games, are ones in which the objective is to explore a fictional world. Often these games have very linear outcomes, although there may be some freedom of choice regarding the travel of various objects. Most adventure games are set within fictional worlds in which the player must investigate a series of situations and solve a number of puzzles. Sometimes the objective is to find a specific item or piece of information.

The second major type of game in the video game genre is the simulation genre. In this category, players are placed in the virtual environment of a game to manipulate various aspects of the game. For example, drivers in one of these games can choose to make manual adjustments, or prompt automated controls. Some games allow the player to engage in various activities, like driving a vehicle, or performing various tasks. The main difference between this and adventure games is that the action within the simulation game takes place in a virtual setting, while the action in an adventure or action game occurs in the real world.

The third major type of game is the life simulation genre. In this category, players control one or more aspects of a character’s life. Usually in a game of this type the player is placed in a situation where he must make critical decisions about a person’s life. This may include things like whether or not to save a person from certain death, or how to react when a friend is hurt.

The fourth and last major type of game in the puzzle games category is the adventure genre. In this category, players are placed in situations that require them to utilize a wide variety of skills in order to proceed through the puzzle. An example of an adventure game would be a game like Zelda Twilight Princess, where the player must navigate through many different levels in order to successfully get into the next level.

Finally, there is the multi-player games genre. In this category, players take on the role of playing multiple roles in a game. For example, a player could be a pirate, a doctor, a computer programmer, or an army officer. In these multi-player games (like the aforementioned Zelda Twilight Princess), the objective is to find and assist the various characters in each of the quests. This type of gaming offers a great deal of depth for people who enjoy playing a wide array of roles in a game.