Types of Computer Games For Everyones Pleasure

Computer and video games are very popular activities for people of all ages. We play video games from the comfort of our homes while we are watching television. We also play video games on computers or laptops. The popularity of online games among teenagers has lead to the development of different gaming platforms that can be used to play video games. The following are the different types of computer games:


Role Playing Games: This type of game requires players to assume the role of a character in an interactive fiction that involves a number of characters. A player is supposed to take up the role and perform an interactive activity to advance the storyline or solve puzzles. The player can control his/her character by speaking, using a mouse, keyboard or a hand-held device. The player also has the option of interacting with other players to work along side him/her in completing the goals.

Arcade Games: arcade games are very popular games that require players to shoot, punch, wrestle, dodge and much more. They are usually set against a background of flashing lights and music. They are played for unlimited times and the objective of the game is to eliminate all the enemies. These games are similar to video games played on a computer monitor but they are played in a separate environment using a coin-operated machine. Arcade games are available free of charge in most shopping malls and video arcades.

Sports Game: These games involve racing, chess, bowling, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf and a lot more. These can be played single player and multi-player and can be found on computers and gaming consoles. These sports games give the player the option to compete with other online users or against the computer itself. The player can also personalize his/her avatar to look like a sports star. This type of computer game offers limitless entertainment and a great way to release tension and frustration.

Strategy Games: War strategy games involve real military conflicts. They usually take place on large maps with lots of objectives that need to be reached. These games can be simulation of military campaigns, as they are sometimes even set during future wars. Some of the popular war strategy games include Age of War, Territory War, Fall of Rome Remaster.

All these types of gaming can be played free of cost and also for low prices. Some websites offer these games at no cost. Gaming news sites publish articles about the latest video gaming news. You can also find reviews of different types of games written by famous gamers.