Types of Video Games


Types of Video Games

If you have a child that is interested in video games, you may be wondering what types of games are available for children to play. Video games are anything played by more than one person at a time in an environment that is similar to the real world. Video games include: card games, board games, dice games, computer games, racing games, sports games, and Role playing games. You can find these games in most toy stores, video stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and on the Internet. In fact, there is a good selection of video games to be found anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection.

A few years back, video games were not really that popular. However, as technology evolved, the general public became more familiar with them. Then game designers started to create games based on a wide variety of different cultures. Suddenly, board game manufacturers were creating games that involved not just one culture, but several different ones. As more people started buying these board games, manufacturers decided to keep creating more cultural oriented games.

Over the years, designers and developers have continually been coming up with new and interesting game definitions. These game definitions have become the basis for a lot of research about why people play certain games and how they interact with each other. Video game studies are even beginning to be used to teach social studies and human behavior in schools. In fact, some schools are making educational videos about the different types of games and what the effects of violence are in them. This is all part of the larger field of game studies.

Some common game definitions are shown below. For your information, each of these definitions has been derived from research in different fields and the resulting descriptions are often very in depth and descriptive. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. Instead it is a list of some of the more popular definitions used by researchers in the field. It is also important to note that the list should not be considered to be exhaustive or final.

Computer game definition The first type of game is the virtual or abstract type of game. These are often multiplayer games where the player uses a computer to control their own character and to achieve goals through interaction with other players. Video games that fall under this category include flight simulator, first person shooter, puzzle, and action/adventure. These types of games usually require no real physical effort on the part of the player.

The second type of game is the abstract or imaginary type of game. Many of the same reasons why we play video games apply to board games as well. Abstract board games include abstract strategy games and trivia games. They also typically involve different kinds of interacting with a board, pieces, or a playing environment. Another major difference between the virtual and the abstract board games is that the abstract games do not require the players to exert any effort or thought at all. The abstract video games require players to use a lot of their brain power and to use their own thinking powers.