Why is Spectator Sport So Important For a Kid?

Sports are physical, competitive games and activities. These fill the human need for competition, physical exertion and play. Almost all sports could be competitive. This is perhaps the most obvious difference between leisure, recreation or sports. A game of golf may in fact be a leisure or recreational activity while soccer on the other hand could be considered a competitive game.


Many people today define a sport as any physical activity that a person engages in for the purpose of achieving some goal. The basis behind this definition is that humans have an innate need to compete and that competition is critical to the evolution of human beings. This need to compete pushes us to strive hard, to work hard and to push ourselves to the limits. This is why many people find playing sports or taking part in certain sports like basketball or football addictive or even necessary. People have been engaging in physical activities for centuries to be competitive and push themselves.

Athletic events or sports can either be participation in organized sports like American football and baseball or unorganized sports like dart throwing. People view these sports as competitive because it involves physical contact with other human beings. But the real difference between the two is that in organized sports, the outcome is predetermined and it’s like a contest. In other words, there is a criterion to determine who will win and there is also a time limit. Unorganized sports on the other hand, often involve elements that make it more interactive such as throwing the dart over the net and the winner must absorb all the hits.

Disabled Sports is a main article in this subject. Physical activity plays a significant role in enhancing the mental and physical health of the people participating. Many disabled people who cannot play sports due to the physical limitations consider these games as a form of outlet and recreation for them. It gives them a chance to fulfill their potential, improve their skills, and build up their confidence and self-esteem.

The growth of professional and semi-professional bodybuilding and recreational sports has made it possible for more people to participate in these types of activities. Some professional bodybuilders train personally with professional coaches and trainer, while some others engage in amateur physical fitness through various forms of public competitions. But despite the different types of public athletic competition, there are several organizations that provide physical fitness programs to children, teens, and adults alike. These programs offer intensive training programs targeted towards building muscle power, increasing endurance and improving the overall physical fitness.

The world of sports can be an intimidating place. But by learning about the different aspects of this world, one is able to develop a positive approach towards it. It is always important to follow the rules, adhere to fair play, and give one’s best at every opportunity.