Five Articles On Public Health

Health is an ideal state of full physical, mental and emotional well being and not just the absence of illness or infirmity. A source for life’s daily activities, not just the goal of survival. Health is, also, a positive notion stressing personal and social assets, and physical capabilities. It is an ideal to live with less illness or discomfort; it is an idea which promotes and encourages a sense of well being in addition to an active lifestyle. It is the shared goal of people to be as healthy as possible in all ways.


A main article in this series focuses on occupational safety and health. Occupational safety refers to general principles and key practices that employers follow to reduce risks to employees at work. These include, but are not limited to: reducing the risks of diseases and illnesses by using appropriate equipment, maintaining a safe working environment, having a proper record-keeping, eliminating hazards, adhering to health and safety legislation, and having an annual health and safety inspection. An illness or injury occurring at work can be quite serious and could result in death, disability or prolonged pain. Therefore it is important that the work place is kept as safe as possible for all employees.

The third main topic is mental health. Mental well-being is the ability to cope with challenging situations in a healthy way, with an optimistic attitude and without feeling that one is burdened by mental health concerns. Mental health should be considered as a separate aspect from the other two main aspects, physical well-being as well as lifestyle. Although there is a close relationship between health and lifestyle, there is also a link between the two, which is the mental health.

The fourth main article focuses on health care. This includes the management of diseases and health issues, prevention and early detection of health issues, treatment for mental health issues, medical treatments and recovery, etc. The health care is mainly concerned about preventing health issues, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and respiratory diseases. The medical team should be efficient and well-trained to take care of the patients and make sure that they are satisfied with the treatment they receive.

The fifth main article focuses on population health services. This involves the promotion of health, preventing diseases and improving the general well being of the population. It helps to monitor the overall health and educate people on health, nutrition, physical activity, and other aspects of good health. There are many aspects of the population services. These include nutrition education, family planning, childcare planning, immunizations, diseases and treatments, labor and unemployment, premature birth control, etc.

Health promotion is an important part of these services. Public education campaigns are also very important in spreading the word about the ill effects of ill-health and a healthy lifestyle. One can easily do this by going to the gym or walking around the neighborhood. Smoking, improper diet, junk food, and lack of exercise can all have harmful effects on one’s physical environment and therefore one’s health conditions. One should try to eat healthy and physically active. By doing this, one can avoid many health conditions.